Lesson Plan : Around the World - Sums of 5

Teacher Name:
 Nicole Collins

 Addition of 5.
 Math and adding with the number 5.
 To help Special Education Students in K-3rd grade learn to add 5 to numbers 0-10.
 The students will be able to give the correct sums of 5 to numbers 0-10 on flashcards on site while playing the game Around the World to test their knowledge of the sums against each other in the form of a game. The students will also be making a set of flashcards with sums of 5 to numbers 0-10 to take home and practice with parent or adult.
 Flashcards adding 3,4 and 5 to numbers 0-10. Packets of 11 blank flash or index cards and a pencil or marker.
 This is an activity that can be used with Regular Education Kindergarten and First Grade and (depending on the severity of disability)Special Education K-3rd grade.I will be building on the students prior knowledge to give correct sums of 3 and 4 to numbers 0-10 both on their own and on flashcards on sight as well as learn the correct sums of 5 to number 0-10 on sight.
 Teach the students the correct sums of 5 to numbers 0-10 and review the correct sums of 3 and 4 to numbers 1-10.
 First the students will make their own set of flashcards with the correct sums of 5 to numbers 0-10. Then in small groups (5-10 students)the students will play Around the WOrld in a 1/2 or full circle using flashcards presenting addition problems of 5 to numbers 0-10. When students are feeling comfortable with their progress I will reintroduce addition problems of 3 and 4 to numbers 1-10 to the flash cards. They will also be able to take the flashcards that they made home to practice.
 Depending on the degree of the severity of disabilities in the classroom, if getting up and playing Around the World over stimulates the students I would still have the students make their flashcards, but instead of playing Around the World, I would have then use beads, beans, small rocks etc... and have them add the items together on their desks under the flash cards.
 Making addition a fun learning experience as well as getting them involved in the addition process. This is a good activity that can be used for Special Education and modified for students with more severe disabilites.

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