Lesson Plan : 5.6 Complex Numbers

Teacher Name:
 Emily Werner
 Grade 11-12

 Complex Numbers
 -Students learn about imaginary numbers, and more broadly, complex numbers. -Students learn abour i.
 -Teacher shows students how to work with i. -Teacher show students how to find the absolute value and additive inverse of imaginary (complex) numbers -Teacher shows students how to add and multiply complex numbers -Teacher shows students how to find complex solutions to quadratic equations
 -Students have a better understanding of i and how to work with it. -Students have a beginning understanding of imaginary numbers and what they look like -Students use the distance formula to find the absolute value of imaginary numbers -Students begin to manipulate complex numbers -Students start finding complex solutions when solving quadratic equations
 overhead, overhead markers, transparencies, whiteboard, whiteboard markers
 -Teacher reminds students about what they have been learning. -Teacher defines important terms and ideas
 -Teacher shows students how to simplify numbers useing i, and how to simplify imaginary numbers. -Teacher shows students how to add, multiply, and find the absolute value of complex numbers -Teacher shows students how to find complex solutions of quadratic equations
 Example 1: (-54)^(1/2) (simplify using i) Example 2: (-121)^(1/2) -7 (a+bi) Example 3: abs(6-4i) (absolute value) Example 4: -7-9i (add, multiply, additive inverse) Example 5: 9(x^2)+54=0 (solve) -5(x^2)-150=0
 technology, different colors, auditory and visual directions and explanations
Checking For Understanding:
 -Teacher asks students questions throughout the lecture -Teacher provides assistance and clarification when needed
 -Teacher gives students homework assignment -Teacher reminds students to show all work -Teacher tells students that they will be using imaginary numbers more in the next few lessons

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