Lesson Plan : Problem-solving Strategies and Group Building

Teacher Name:
 Noelle Shipley
 Grade 11-12

 Problem-solving Strategies Group Building
 Combinations Diagrams Area Recursion Graphic Orgnaizers
 Students will work together to solve mind-bender type puzzles. Students should be able to do this several times using different thinking skill sets. Students will build camaraderie within the class by working together collegially.
 1.1.2 Make and justify predictions based on patterns. 2.2.a.1 Select and use appropriate methods for computing to solve problems in a variety of contexts. 3.1.b.1 Recognize the validity of an argument. 3.1.b.2 Create logical arguments to solve problems 3.1.a.2 Test the validity of logical arguments.
 Word problems, paper, pencil, rulers, post-it notes (white or yellow)
 1. What goes into solving a word problem? a. Five Minute Quick Write b. Class discussion 2. Introduction to 10 point rubric of problem solving.
 3. How should we create our groups of 3 or 4 students? a. By friends? b. By strengths? c. By height? 4. Groups are designed cooperatively by whatever method chosen.
 5. Students will be given the rubric, and the problem "modern basketball association" to solve. After most groups have an answer, we will come back together as a group and discuss how we found our answers. 6. What methods worked well, and what methods did not work? How would you score each of the solutions? Next, students go back into their groups to perfect the solutions to be handed in.
 5 minute Quick Write: What makes you mad or frustrated in math class during the regular school year? You could talk about last year, or any math class.
 Student work from independent group practice.

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