Lesson Plan : Solving Systems of Equations (Gr)

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Beth Ruff
 Grade 9-10

 Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing Linear Equations
 Linear Equation, Coordinate Plane, Solution of a System
 The learner will solve systems of equations by graphing linear equations. The learner will identiy where linear equations intersect. The learner will solve systems of equations using the calculator.
 Graph Paper, TI-83 calculator
 The teacher will graph systems with one solution, no solutions, and infinitely many solutions. They will show students the intersection and explain that is the solution. They will then exapling that parallel lines do not have a solution and that the same lines have all the same solutions.
 As a class the teacher and students will work oout several differant examples. Some examples should be in slope-intercept form while others require the students to solve for y and then graph. They should also demonostrate a few special cases (same line, parallel lines).
 Students will be given a worksheet with 10 graphing problems. They may work in groups. When they finish the assignment the teacher will check the solutions. Students will continue to work on any missed problems until they achieve a 100%.
 Very little differentiated instruction will be given due to the fact that all students are required to complete the same End-of-Course exam with a Level 3 or 4. Students will IEPs will be accomodated.
Checking For Understanding:
 Classwork will be graded for accuracy and students will be given time to earn a 100%. The next day homework will be checked and questions will be addressed. Students will complete a quiz with feedback. At the end of the chapter students will take a test to prove mastery.
 Answer student questions that have not been addressed through examples or classwork. Provide tutoring for those that feel it is needed.
 Success on classwork (100%), homework (questions addressed), quiz (70%), and finally the test score (70%).

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