Lesson Plan : Related Rates

Teacher Name:
 Jessie and Noor
 Grade 11-12

 Solving related rate problems.
 Related rates are when you compute the rate of change of one quantity in terms of the rate of change of another quantity. You do this by use of derivatives which are a measure of how a function changes as its input changes.
 The goal is that the students are able to understand and apply hows and whys of related rate problems. Eventually taking a test and passing with flying colors.
 1. To explain what a related rate problem is and what it looks like and when to use it. 2. To describe the procedure to apply in a real problem. 3. To eventually be able to related rate problems on your own and are able to understand why.
 PowerPoint A corresponding worksheet Quiz
 How to determine if it is a related rate problem and why? What a related rate problem needs How to use the steps to do the problems.
 Example problems for the class lead by the teachers. Explanation of the 5 steps and why they are used.
 Step by step of a problem guided by us, using the step by step process.
 Walk around for anyone that might need help.
Checking For Understanding:
 We will ask for the answers and go over and problems they have and correct their mistakes.
 Try one more problem together and summarize together to get ready for a assessment. Key points to remember will go over.
 A quiz made up by us of 5 multiple choice questions on how to do it and 5 questions of applying what you now know.

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