Lesson Plan : Contrasting Area and Perimeter

Teacher Name:
 Sue Maier
 Grade 4

 Contrasting area & perimeter Discovering clue words for area/perimeter Using knowledge of area & perimeter to solve problems for area/perimeter
 Vocabulary: (For Area): area, square, space, carpeting, tile, rug length, width (For Perimeter) : outside, edge, fencing, border, around, railing Area formula = multiply the length of a figure by its width Perimeter formula = add all side lengths
 TLW determine the areas and perimeters of rectangles and multi-sided polygon models using appropriate formulas. TLW be able to identify clue words in word problems particular to area or perimeter. TLW find the correct area and perimeter of rectangles and polygons presented in word problems using appropriate formulas.
 TLW correctly determine area and perimeter of rectangles and multi-sided figures by using appropiate formulas in student work groups. TLW correctly determine and record areas and perimeters of rectangles and multi-sided figures independently on a worksheet. TLW correctly solve and record answers for area and perimeters in word problems using appropiate formulas.
 a tiled hallway with squares of different colored tile, or tiles set apart by marking with colored masking tape; sets of cardboard rectangles and polygons with side lengths marked; individual student papers with polygons and rectangles with side lengths marked; individual student papers with area/perimeter word problems
 Assemble students in large hallway outside classroom. Have students practice visually identifying the perimeter of the square, and the area of the square. Have students demonstrate understanding by walking/hopping/jumping, etc. the perimeter and inside the square's area. Have students brainstorm words that describe area or perimeter.
 Back in the classroom, have students decide what mathematic formulas should represent how to determine perimeter and area by recalling their hallway actions. Teachers models on board how to use the formulas to correctly determine the area and perimeter of a rectangle. Also model finding the perimeter of 5+ sided figures by using the perimeter formula. Teacher lists clue words for area and perimeter on board.
 Have students get into work groups and cooperatively find the areas and perimeters of sets of different rectangles and multi-sided polygons marked with side measures.
 Students can work in pairs to complete half of independent worksheets, then finish independently. Challenge students by asking them to write their own area/perimeter word problems for other classmates to solve.
Checking For Understanding:
 Observe student understanding by watching learning groups work together to determine area/perimeters of cardboard figure sets. Question students on basic concepts of area/perimeter during independent practice or in student practice groups. Observe student answers on independent worksheets.
 Verbally review area/perimeter formulas, clue word lists, and their applicability in determining area/perimeter.
 Evaluate individual student understanding of area/perimeter concepts and their application by checking accuracy of independent work pages.

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