Lesson Plan : Coordinate Graphs with y-intercept

Teacher Name:
 Doug Haan
 Grade 9-10

 graphing relations and functions
 Using y-intercept to graph lines. If time permits, I will introduce "perpendicular" lines. terms: y & x axis, ordered pairs, coordinate pairs, reciprocals(neg. & pos.), rise over run(remind that rise can be negative)
 Students will graph lines using the y-intercept formula. After graphing lines students will find ordered pairs which cross the y & x axis.
 Have students demonstrate ability to find pertinent information needed to successfully graph a line from the y-intercept formula. Students will have the opportunity to use whiteboard to show work from previous days assignment.
 graphing activity from 2-23-09, worksheet 4-4, rulers, whiteboard
 Ask students to describe the two ways we have used to graph lines. We first used table or charts. We then learned how to use the y-intercept method. Ask which method takes the least amount of time.
 Model using whiteboard. Explain that in today's activity they will need to find the value for y if it isn't given. If the number in front of x is a whole number it needs to be thought of as a fraction.
 Complete first 2-3 problems from 4-4 on whiteboard.
 Shorten assignment if necessary. Work independently with students if necessary.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask students for questions or concerns with assignment. Ask students to use terms in a sentence.
 Let students know that they will have one more day working with graphing lines and then we will begin reviewing for our exam.

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