Lesson Plan : Multi-Step Problems

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Phillips
 Grade 5

 Using more than one step to solve a problem. (EDITED)
 Using clue words (more than, how many, which one, less, more, each)
 Students will be able to read and determine which mathematical process to use in solving a multi-step problem.
 Given a multi-step word problem, students will use addition, subtraction, and/or multiplication, division to solve the problem with no errors.
 Textbook, board, markers
 Orally, present a problem: I have $10.00. If I go to Walmart and buy a loaf of bread for $1.59, a gallon of milk for $2.45, and a frozen pizza for $3.99, how much change will I get? (no tax)
 Ask students to tell you what the first step would be. (Add) What do I do next? (Subtract) What numbers would I use? Why?
 Have two or three students come to the board to solve the problem, working out the steps. They may work these in more than one way. Point out the steps that they took.
 If they don't finish, they may finish at home. Work with students individually or partner students who are having difficulty.
Checking For Understanding:
 Walk around the room and check for understanding as the students work independently.
 Review the procedure for solving a multi-step problem. Then during the final 10 minutes, have 2 or 3 students work the first problem on the board. Go over the answer. Collect papers of those that have finished. Check over these papers tonight to see if the kids have mastered the skill.
 Observation during class as teacher walked around the room. Accuracy of student papers. Student attentiveness to the lesson.
Teacher Reflections:
 Did the students follow the multi-step procedure during the closure part of the lesson? Do the students know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide with accuracy? What must I do to make this lesson more effective?

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