Lesson Plan : Making Change As A Cashier

Teacher Name:
 Christine Condon
 Grade 9-10
 Special Education

 Calculating change given a specified purchase and given the amount of money handed to the cashier.
 money, math, budgeting
 The learner will demonstrate knowledge in calculating change when given a specific dollar amount that was spent and the exact amount of money given to the cashier. Student will follow the calculation with counting change back to the customer to double check his/her math.
 Student will demonstrate an understanding of coin and bill values. Student will demonstrate an understanding of subtracting decimals. Student will demonstrate an understanding of how to calculate change by subtracting money given to cashier and money spent. Student will demonstrate an understanding of counting money by counting change back to customer.
 play money, worksheet
 In today's world, too many people rely on technology for answers. When purchasing items at a store it is rare to have a cashier actually count back your change. The place a wad of money in your hand and look for you to move so they can help the next person. How do you know you have received the correct change? The answer is that you must know how to calculate change and count money.
 In this lesson you will: 1. Review recognition of United States coins and bills. 2. Calculate change. 3. Practice giving change.
 Students will demonstrate to the teacher that they understand the value of coins and bills by taking turns counting money to teacher and teacher assistant. Students will also practice counting back change using teacher and teacher assistant as a customer. For example, on a $1.35 purchase when given $5.00: student will count from $1.35 to $5.00 using smallest coins/bills possible.
 Students who demonstrate difficulty in subtracting decimals or in counting back change will be allowed to use a calculator until math skills are further developed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will provide feedback based on performance on worksheet and observation of student counting change to classmate.
 Review coin/bill value and steps for calculating/counting change. Ask students for ideas on how to use this skills in real life applications.
 Look for increased percentage of mastery each day.

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