Lesson Plan : Attribute Blocks

Teacher Name:
 Jacqlin R. Errico
 Grade 2

 Attribute Blocks
 Familiarizing the students with the different shapes and sizes found in the shapes provided.
 To ensure each child is able to name the different shapes by their correct names as well as be able to form patterns when instructed and be able to recite the pattern given.
 Allow the children to become familiar with the shapes prior to the start of the lesson so it will ease their curiosity. Make the transition to the proper names for the shapes from that which they may know them to be, as comfortable for them as possible.
 Attribute Blocks
 I would like the children to pair in groups of 2 and help each other debate over the shapes and sizes to encourage their need to know who is right. I am also in hopes that this will peak their interest when we move on to harder geometry topics that they will not have fear of it but look forward to it.
 By allowing the children to pair off and become familiar with the blocks given I am in hopes it will enable me to help them observe the difference in the shapes as well as patterns as the lesson continues.
 Have the children place all the blocks in the middle of the table and instruct them to, as a group, place largest red triangle, then the largest blue circle, the the smallest red triangle and the smallest blue circle.
 If any one student seems to be struggling to grasp any one concept, offer to go over it with that child's group individually while the other groups just practice orally given patterns.
Checking For Understanding:
 After each student individually demonstrates the pattern given orally have the child recite back the pattern to the class to ensure understanding of the shapes and sizes given within the pattern.
 After verifying each child's understanding of the project by their presentation, allow them to ask questions that they feel were not clear enough. Also allow the students to answer each others questions so as to include and acknowledge those who have more comprehension of it.
 The students seemed to enjoy having each other to discuss the patterns with and the saying that two heads are better than one really did get tested.

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