Lesson Plan : Estimation With Measurements

Teacher Name:
 Joann McLucas
 Grade 2

 Estimating and Measuring using Standard and Non-Standard Units of Measurement
 Students will use a ruler, string, paper clips and unifix cubes to measure the path of the Inch-Worm. Vocabulary: measurement, estimate, length,inches, zig-zag
 1. Students will estimate and measure the path that the Inch-Worm traveled using non-standards units of measurements first. (string, paper clip,unifix cubes) 2. Students will measure the path that the Inch-Worm traveled using standard units of measurement. (ruler)
 TLW: Estimate, measure, and record the length of objects in inches.
 rulers, string, journals, paper clips, path of the Inch-Worm, unifix cubes
 The teacher will show the students the cover of the book "Inch-Worm" and allow them to Predict/Infer what they think is going to happen in the story.
 Students will define the Key Vocabulary words and write the definitions in their Math Vocabulary Journals. Using several items from the classroom I will model how to measure using standard and non-standard units of measurements.
 Class will be divided into groups to measure several items. They will estimate and measure using standard and non-standard units of measurements and record the results in their Math Journals.
 Advanced Group: Measure a partner with a standard and a non-standard unit of measurement, record in Math Journal. Proficient Group: Find 5 objects in the classroom and measure in inches. Strategic/Intensive: Measure pencil, pencil box, and crayon box using unifix cubes.
Checking For Understanding:
 Place several items on the overhead. Let students first estimate what they think the length of the item would be in unifix cube and inches. Next, have them come to overhead and measure the items using unifix cubes and a ruler.
 Students will discuss their favorite method of measuring and which method would be more accurate. Why?
 Students will tell "shoulder-buddies" what the vocabulary words mean.
Teacher Reflections:
 In the past I have found this lesson to be very effective. This is one of my favorites. It really gets the students involved.

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