Lesson Plan : Plotting on a Grid pt2

Teacher Name:
 Grade 7-8

 Students will continue their quest of knowledge of plotting through the introduction of the negative quadrants and coordinates.
 Students will expand from yesterdays lesson and be introduced to the rest of the Cartesian grid. They will now learn of the negative quadrants as well as how to plot using negative numbers.
 The main goal of this lesson is to introduce negative numbers as well as providing the students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves and to get comfortable with the Cartesian grid
 -Introduction to all 4 quadrants of a Cartesian grid -Plotting with negative numbers -Allow students opportunity to become more comfortable with working on Cartesian grids
 -Review of previous day -Any homework questions -Introduction of two new quadrants for graphing -Explain and demonstrate how to use negative coordinates -Demonstrate plotting with negative coordinates (along with positives 25 minutes
 -As the previous day, coordinates on the board for students to plot themselves -Students will demonstrate they understand 10 minutes
 -Spec Ed. students will only be asked to do graphs 1,2 and 4
Checking For Understanding:
 -Completion of graphs -Circulation of rooms -Question types -Speed at which students complete work

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