Lesson Plan : Telling Time to the Hour

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Aimee Brewer

 Telling Time to the hour
 The lesson introduces the "hour" and "minute" hands. This lesson will also use a traditional clock.
 The major goal in this lesson is for the students to be able to tell time to the hour, using the knowledge of the long hand or "minute hand and also the short hand or "hour" hand.
 The objective will be for the students to be able to see a clock and know the minute hand, hour hand, and also the time to the hour on a traditional clock. I will give a clock worksheet and ask that the students work at their tables helping each to figure out the time on the clocks.
 a large clock, small clocks (enough for the whole class), worksheet on telling time.
 I will set a traditional clock-alarm to ring on the hour. Once the clock rings, the students will wonder and ask what is that. I will then ask them, "What time is it?" This envoke discussion and more questions.
 I will model with the large clock how we tell time. I will first introduce the hour hand and the minute hand. I will then ask the class, "Why do you think these hands are called the hour hand and the minute hand?"
 I will play a game with the tables in the classroom. I will ask the class to make their little clock tell at certain hour. When their whole table has the correct time, they make raise their hand. The first table with the correct time gets a point. This will be played several more times. The table that gets the most points, gets to line up for recess first.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will call on individuals to answer a couple of clock questions.
 To close the lesson, I will ask "What was the most interesting part of this lesson and what did you learn from it?"
 Next, I will take the worksheets up and check them to see if anyone is having trouble with telling time.

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