Lesson Plan : Introduction to Solving Equations

Teacher Name:
 Kevin Kerrigan
 Grade 9-10

 Introduction to Solving Equations using Addition and Subtraction
 - Equivalent equations - Transforming Equations - Inverse Operations - Linear Equation
 The goal of this lesson is for all students to be able to solve linear equations using addition and subtraction.
 After this lesson is completed, the students will be able to: 1. State the inverse operation of a given circumstance 2. Use inverse operations to transform an equation 3. Compare and contrast equations to see if they are equivalent
 1. Overhead Projector 2. Black boards
 Students will take a pre test to give teacher a better grasp of each individual's prior knowledge on solving one and multi-step equations
 1. Direct Instruction- Teacher will give students class notes typed out on a handout. The notes will cover solving one step equations using addition and subtraction. There are several blank portions of the notes that the students will need to fill in as the class goes through the lesson. The teacher will then fill in those notes on the overhead while the class follows along at their seats.
 1. Two teacher-guided practice problems done by the teacher on the black board for the whole class to go over together. 2. Students will go to the black board (several students at a time) and work on problems that the teacher reads off to them while teacher checks student progress at the board
 1. Verbal and written notes are given to the students to accomodate those students who understand material better if they are given the material verbal vs. written. 2. Teacher selected groups to go to the board - Those who are not grasping the material fully are sent to the board with others who do not grasp the material fully and are given easier problems - Those who are grasping the material fully are sent to the board with the same type of students and are given harder problems
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Pre Test that is given 2. Verbal question and answer between students and teacher 3. Visual Observation of student work at the board 4. Exit card given at the end of the period
 Students will complete an exit card that will have four questions on it. They must complete and hand in the card before they walk out of the classroom. The card will then be used by the teacher to determine any concepts that must be reinforced on the following day.
 There are a couple measures of progress throughout the lesson. The board work gives me the opportunity to give a quick check of the student progress while they complete the problems on the board. The exit card also gives me a good gauge as to how the students grasped the material that is given to them
Teacher Reflections:
 Will reflect using a teacher journal

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