Lesson Plan : Counting Principles and Probability

Teacher Name:
 L. Drake
 Grade 11-12

 Counting Principles and Probability
 Calculate the odds of an event occurring. Determine and justify the validity of a probability. Identify sample space,simple events, compound events,independent events and mutually exclusive events.
 Probability is the relative likelihood that an event will occur. Probability is used in many real-world fields, fundamental counting principal can be used to find the number of ways in which an event can occur.
 Introduction to Probability-find the theoretical probability of an event. Apply the counting principle. Solve problems involving linear permutations. Solve problems involving combinations,permutations and combinations. Find the probabilities of mutually exclusive events and inclusive events.
 Holt Algebra 2 book, Pacemaker Algebra 1 book, calculator, math manipulatives (cards, fake money, dice, pebbles)
 Do NOw-Math Journal Question-15 min Quick Warm UP pg 628 Review of prior week assignment-mean,median,mode Review vocabulary-Pacemaker Algebra 1, trial,experiment,sample space,event,theoretical probability, experimental probability,fundamental counting principle, P A Standards2.2F,2.7A,2.7C,2.7D,2.7E,2.7.8A,2.7.8E
 Activity-Students will analyze manipulative discuss likely,unlikely,impossible or certainty of events. -Question approximate how many times a coin is flipped determine how many times coin lands on heads, keep track of flips (group project-numa vs. subtracto) WEEKLY THEME WEDNESDAY-Problem solving using pictures see handout.
 See attached Guided Practice Sheet
 manipulatives, calculator, extended time, simplified directions, decoding of words, vocabulary graphic organizer
Checking For Understanding:
 Quick Quiz-understanding the terms,
 Review-tie to next lesson, check for understanding of concepts
 vocab quiz,group project probability, mean ,median mode class group project (Do you Measure UP!)
Teacher Reflections:
 I would like to include a hands-on test of some kind. I need to learn more about the possibilities of this.

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