Lesson Plan : Graphs of Rational Functions

Teacher Name:
 Donald Lundy
 Grade 11-12

 Characteristics of graphs of rational functions.
 Rational functions Exclusions from domain Vertical asymptotes Horizontal asymptotes End behavior
 Review and demonstrate the characteristics of the graphs of rational functions.
 The student will demonstrate the characteristics of the graphs of rational functions by producing graphs with the following: a)exclusions from domain, b)vertical asymptotes, c)horizontal asymptotes, d)end behavior.
 Overhead projector, graphics calculator, overhead calculator with view screen, graph paper, rubric for evaluation of graphs, worksheet of rational functions for graphing
 Problem of the Day: Students will work five problems reviewing the characteristics of rational functions. Students will demonstrate their answers to the class using the overhead projector and graphics calculator.
 This is a review lesson: any questions generated from pod's will be discussed and clarifications as needed.
 Students will work in pairs to complete graphs for four additional rational functions. Solutions will be shared on overhead for pairs to check.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will use rubric to guide their work and provide feedback on their progress. Assessment will include successful completion of worksheet graphs following rubric. Final assessment will be in test form at completion of unit on rational functions.
 Students will write in their journal section of their notebook a summary of the characteristics of the graphs of rational functions.
 Demonstration of mastery according to rubric. Demonstration of mastery on unit test.

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