Lesson Plan : Introduction to Place Value

Teacher Name:
 Miss Carly Brodsky
 Grade 4

 Introduction to place value: place value, value, ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands
 Students will be able to differentiate between value and place value
 Students will be able to define place value Students will be able to define value Students will be able to identify the place value of a digit in a number to the hundred thousands Students will be able to identify the value of a digit in a number to the hundred thousands
 Place the Point game board and directions; Math notebooks Place value worksheet
 Problem of the Day: Teacher will display the number 123,456 on the board. In their math notebooks, students will have a few minutes to write down everything they know about the number.Students will generate a class list of knowledge of the number. Guide students to the words value and place value.
 From this list, discuss the difference between place value and value while students write these definitions in their math notebooks: 1. Value: What a number is worth. ex: 23,000: the 2 is valued at 20,000 2. Place Value: Where a number is located in the whole number ex: 23,000: the place value of 2 is 10,000 because the 2 is in the 10,000s place. 1 2 3, 4 5 6 : Hundred thousands, ten thousands,thousands; hundreds, tens, ones. First: Thousands period; 2nd: Ones period. c. Teacher will explain 0 as a placeholder. Ex: 22,034: The 0 is worth nothing, but we need it there because it holds the place of the number; without that 0, the number would change.
 Whole class activity: complete several examples by writing a number on the board, underlining a digit in the number, and finding the value and place value of the digit. Do as many as necessary depending on student understanding.
 Based on the students levels of understanding during whole and guided practice, teacher will play "Place the Point" with those students who need extra support.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Informal observation by teacher of student participation in discussion and game 2. Formative assessment: Write clues on the board:students will have to identify a number based on these clues about the values and place values of its digits. 3. Homework: Place value worksheet
 1. Whole class discussion of the difference between value and place value 2. Discuss the answer to the clues and how the students used what they know about place value and value to come to the number
 1. Informal observation 2. Homework 3. Formative assessment 4. The next day, quick review of material with a problem of the day
Teacher Reflections:
 Overall, the lesson went very well. The students were engaged in both the whole class discussion and Place the Point game. Because it was the first day of this unit, students will need more practice with the difference between place value and value because many of them confused the two, but with more practice they will master the material. I will continue to work with those students who need extra support.

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