Lesson Plan : Count your way through the Candy

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Washington
 Grade 2

 Learning Math with Candy
 Students will use different colors of the same candy to strengthen the skills of adding and subtracting.
 The students will sort the candy pieces by color. They will then review their worksheets that will be given to them. They will complete the worksheet using the candy.
 Small bags of multi-colored candies (for example, M&Ms, Skittles, or jellybeans), addition worksheets, question sheets, pencils
 Each student will receive a small bag of candy, a math worksheet, and question/sorting sheet before the lesson begins. Then they will receive step by step directions. First step is that they will open the bags of candy and sort the candies by color. They will be able to eat the candies later, but they must wait until told to do so. It is better for the students to have one piece of candy because it can become a distraction for them if they don't get to eat any during the lesson. Students are to be told they should not trade their candies with classmates until after the assignments are completed as well.
 Modifications for this lesson include focusing on counting, focusing on color identification, using larger graphs, and allowing for someone (peer or adult) to assist with the counting, sorting, recording, and coloring.
 I will run through an example for the students, showing them what they will do before the candies are handed out. The students will open the bags, sort the candies in preparation for the assignment. The students will make a graph of all the different-colored pieces they have. Once the graphs are done, the students will answer the questions (addition or subtraction) on their question-and-answer worksheets. Samples: how many more blue candies than red candies do you have? How many red candies and yellow candies do you have?
Checking For Understanding:
 The worksheets will be collected to see if the graphs are correct and if the questions have been answered correctly. Each question sheet will be a bit different, as the amount of candy pieces will vary by bag.
 Once the assignment is completed, the students will be able to eat (and trade) their candies. They are allowed to compare their graphs to those completed by classmates in order to see how the graphs differ.

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