Lesson Plan : Coin Toss Game

Teacher Name:
 Hillary Weller
 Grade 2

 Learning what coins look like and what they are worth
 Math Standard 1, Benchmark 1, Indicator 3 / PE Standard 1, Benchmark 2, Indicator B
 Children will know the coins and their worth, they will also be able to toss a bean bag into a bucket.
 Children will be able to tell the diffence between coins and will know what each coin looks like and how much it is worth.
 picutes of coins, bucket, bean bags, white board to keep score, worksheet
 Children and teacher will review the coins and thier worth together.
 Teacher will demonstrate the game for the student and will tell students the rules of the game, listed in Practice.
 Children will be put into teams. The teacher will stand at the front of the room and will call on each team one at a time. One student from the team will come to the front of the room, the teacher will show them a picture of a coin. The student will tell it's name and what it's worth is. If they get it correct they will get a chance to toss a bean bag into a bucket. It they make it they get as many points as the coin they identified was worth. Such as 50c = 50 points, 5c = 5 points, etc. It they miss the bucket, get the name of the coin wrong, or the coin's worth wrong, they do not get any points and must go back to thier group. Each group should get the chance to idenitify each coin at least one time.
 Students will do thier best with telling names and worths of coins. If they cannot throw, a student from thier team will be allowed to throw for them.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will know if students know thier coins in groups by the score of each team at the end. Teacher will be able to tell each students knowledge by the individual worksheets.
 Students will turn in papers, and winning team will get a small surprise. (such as 2 extra minutes at recess)
 Students will be tested on thier knowledge of coins at the end of the unit.
Teacher Reflections:

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