Lesson Plan : Four Digit Whole Number Subraction

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 Grade 3

 Four digit whole number subtraction
 Subtraction Regrouping
 S1: Number Sense and Operations C2: Numerical Operations PO3: Subtract two three-digit whole numbers.
 The student will subtract two 4 digit whole numbers with and without regrouping.
 Worksheet 5.12P Overhead of subtraction steps script
 Write two four digit whole numbers on the overhead. Ask the students, "These numbers look very big. Do you think we can subtract these numbers?" Wait for their answer. Then say, "Let's try!"
 1. Tell the students to take out their white boards. 2. Ask the students, "what number goes on top?" 3. Write the number on the top and line up the remaining number underneath of it. 4. Demonstrate, using the overhead, to the students how to solve the problem using the subtraction steps. 5. Demonstrate, using the overhead, how to subtract four of the two 4 digit subtraction problems from the worksheet following the subtraction steps. 6. Write two four digit whole numbers on the board and have the students subtract the numbers on their own. 7. Have the students hold up their white boards and show their answers. 8. Repeat step 6 if students need more practice before moving on.
 Instruct the students to get into pairs. Tell them that they will be using the and do the first five problems on their worksheet. Tell the students that as you walk the room, you want to hear them and their partner saying the steps as they complete the problem. Walk around the room and monitor the students progress. Address the students questions.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher say, "Everyone show me your white boards." and check to see if the problem was solved correctly.
 After the students have worked with their partners, I will hand out a set of subtraction cards and a recording sheet to each pair and have them find the missing number and record their answers.
 Does the student understand the steps to subtraction with and without regrouping?

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