Lesson Plan : Let's go shopping!

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Herndon
 Grade 3

 Mathematics Review
 Addition and subtaction facts- review with word problems and money
 Students will be able to demonstrate retention of addition and subtraction facts through reviewing techniques.
 Given materials to use for review, students will be arranged in groups to
 group1- computer group2- play money, store front(made before class), cash register group3- worksheets- 1 for each person and pencils
 I will introduce the groups orally with each group listed on the board. I will tell each group what I expect and how they should cooperate as a group since they all rely on group participation, and remind them that participation is a grade and that I wil
 1. I will specifically show the children what I expect them to do in each group and I will go around each group to make sure they understand the assignments. 2. I will also pick a student to help me demonstrate what I expect them to do. 3. I will ho
 1. Group1- arrange a pretest on the computer for individual to take 2. Group2- set up a store for the students to buy and sell with play money and to help each other make change 3. Group3- worksheets- have group complete 2 word problem worksheets
Checking For Understanding:
 1. I will make sure that each group is working efficiently. 2. I will interact with each group to hear how they work together and see if they have any questions. 3. I will also ask the students if they enjoyed group rotation and get feedback from the
 1. I will tell them they have 5 minutes to finish up their work. 2. I will give them 5 minutes to clean up their area and to get back into their seats.
 1. I will be checking their pretest to see how high they scored, so that I can determine if I need any remedial reviews before moving on with other math objectives. This pretest will be graded but only for a daily grade not a test grade. A test will be

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