Lesson Plan : Vocabulary Lotto

Teacher Name:
 B. O'Connell
 Grade 1
 Literature Activities

 You can use vocabulary of any level or subject.
 Your particular word set. I would have a consecutive list of all the words ready for students. I would provide this in many different forms for students. I would also post it to my web site for parents.
 For children to easily recognize words from the book or notes. They should also be able to use them in context and spell them correctly.
 Children should be able to match the given word to their word on the lotto sheet.
 lotto cards (Or BINGO cards), chips, word cards
 Review words from book that children had struggled with.
 This works just like BINGO. I'll say a word and students find them on their cards. If they get a single line of the words, they get a chance to win. Explain the process of matching the word card to the corresponding word on their sheet and covering it. Attempting to be the first child to cover one straight line of words. If a child gets all words in a line, they must turn their card over and approach the board. The next word I pull, the student must spell it correctly and define the term. If they do, they win a prize.
 Repeat game as time allows. They can be asked to use all the words in a sentence and underline the vocabulary words in each sentence.
 Place card in middle of table for any child who is struggling. Have them repeat with a friend or helper.
Checking For Understanding:
 Watch student's ability to locate matching word on card, noting if child can find it without aid of word card.
 Note individual students levels of success at recognizing words on their sheet.

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