Lesson Plan : Literature- Federigo's Falcon

Teacher Name:
 Melissa Gardner
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 Federigo's Falcon
 Focus on characterization, verbal and situational irony, and key details. Key vocabulary: dire, compensate, presumption, console, and reproached.
 Students will comprehend frame story. Students will gain understanding of how irony is used in the story. Students will demonstrate competence in the use of the vocabulary words in the story. Students will understand the basic plot of the story and will be able to compare the lead female character in the story to another female character already studied in the Canterbury Tales.
 Analyze the way a writer uses irony to achieve specific rhetorical or aesthetic purposes. Evaluate historical context. Compare influences of different historical periods.
 Smart Board Literature Book Vocabulary Sheet Pen/Pencil
 Selection Starter Answering the question on the Smart Board involving a prized possession.
 Share my prized possession anecdote. Read page 208 in literature book. Have random volunteers practice pronunciation and use of vocabulary words. Read pages 209-210 in the story.
 Allow students to share their examples. Have students with with a partner to answer five questions based on their understanding of the vocabulary words. Complete a story map based on the plot details from pages 209-210.
 Students may work in a group with me as the leader guiding them through the reading. We will stop after reading each paragraph to discuss the plot.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will share their plot maps with one another and then the whole class.
 As a group, we will entirely fill in the plot map to ensure that all students have a basic diagram of the plot.
 Students will complete the writing on Page 213 in which they compare the main female character in this tale to the Wife of Bath from the Canterbury Tales.

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