Lesson Plan : Chemical Reactions

Teacher Name:
 Jessica Watson
 Grade 5

 The topics I am going to cover in this lesson are atoms and chemical reactions.
 atom-smallest particle in an element Atoms consist of an electron cloud and nucleus. Electron:small negatively charged particle that spins around nucleus at super speed Proton:positively charged particle Neutron:neutral (no charge) particle A chemical reaction takes place when atoms collide and electron bonds are broken, which releases energy. Some signs of chemical reactions are changes in temperature and color, bubbling...
 1. Students will know the makeup of an atom. 2. Students will recognize the occurrence of a chemical reaction. 3. Students will know the cause of a chemical reaction.
 1. Girls will ask questions about atoms and reactions throughout learning. 2. Girls will enjoy experiments and attempt to conduct their own. 3. Girls will make connections of atoms to chemical reactions.
 box of crayons, printouts of atom, devils food cake mix, 3 eggs, vegetable oil, crisco, water, measuring cups, bowl, spoon, oven, posters
 Bake cake and explain chemical reactions that take place (powder into batter, then later, bubbles form and cake rises).
 1. Use posters to explain what an atom is and how it functions. 2. Explain again what a chemcial reaction is. 3. Explain how reactions take place and give examples.
 Divide girls into two atoms. Each atom will consist of: 2 girls-protons, 2 girls-neutrons, 3 girls-electrons. Have the girls that are the nucleus hold hands and spin slowly. The girls that make the electron cloud will skip/job around the nucleus. Both atoms do this. Then, to demonstrate the release of energy in a reaction by the collision of the two atoms (elements), have the atoms slowly move towards each other. After girls hit and fall down, explain what happened.
 Different techniques were used during this lesson, so most methods of learning should be addressed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Questions and conversation are used continually to check for understanding. Mainly, the independent practice should be a good assignment to indicate the girls' understanding.
 Now it is time to eat our cake and discuss what happened.

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