Lesson Plan : Antonyms & Vocabulary

Teacher Name:
 B. Smith
 Grade 3
 Literature Activities

 Reading Vocabulary: boastfulness, clever, greediness, mischief, trickster, qualities
 TLW: identify antonyms of vocabulary words.
 Identify antonyms of words Recognize antonyms of words Use a dictionary/thesaurus to locate antonyms. Create sentences using antonyms correctly. Apply antonyms correctly.
 Reading journals, dictionaries, thesauruses, pencil, vocabulary words Overhead or chalkboard. Display of vocabulary words.
 Who can tell us what an antonym is? Give an example.
 Teacher models examples of antonyms and list them on overhead or chalkboard. Teacher models how to use the dictionaries and thesauruses. Teacher models how to complete the rubric check off sheet and expectations for a successful score.
 Teacher gives students opportunities to give antonyms of various words from the overhead or chalkboard.
 Teacher monitors students and provides additional modeling of how to use the thesaurus or dictionary to identify antonyms. Rubric check off scoring sheet provides success for all students. Extension Activity: Students that are early finishers.
Checking For Understanding:
 Questioning strategies used in closure. Rubric check off scoring sheet provides additional information for comprehension of assignment. See attachment. Individual monitoring for some students who need assistance.
 Teacher orally reviews with class what antonyms are. Students give their own summation of antonyms. Students share an example of an antonym not discussed in class.
 Student completes their own rubric check off sheet and turns in with assignment. Extension Follow-up Activity: Students use the antonyms of the vocabulary words in a sentence correctly. Rubric used to assess student's comprehension of assignment. See attachment.
Teacher Reflections:
 How to improve from today's lesson. Adjustments needed and any additional extension assignments, located from the web.

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