Lesson Plan : Introducing Persuasive Writing

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Smith
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Music industry affect on teenage behavior/Required School Uniforms
 Introducing Persuasive Writing
 Brainstorming- -Influence the reader to take a position or a particular action -Identify a position -Guided essay structure -Five paragraph essay
 PO 1. Write a persuasive composition (essay) that a. States a position or claim b. Presents detailed evidence, examples, and reasoning to support effective arguments and emotional appeals c. Attributes sources of information when appropriate d. Structures ideas e. Addresses the readerís concernís
 -White board &White board markers -Pro's/Con's Brianstorming paper
 -Clear desks- -This is the 5th essay of the year and we are going to practice how to do a persuasive essay. -Ask class what is persuasive writing and give def. and/or objective
 state four thesis statements- Ask them which topic would they like to address first: Music Industry or Uniforms
 -Instructor writes Pro's and Con's on board -Place stduents into two teams and identify each team as either the Pro's or Con's -
 Ask team leader to write P or C on board to identify Pro's or Con's
Checking For Understanding:
 - go over each statement, giving rewarding feedback for correct answers and having stduents address why incorrect answers are the opposite position.
 -Ask stduents to identify why we did the Brainstorming this way and its benefits and tie it back to lesson objective. -Instruct students to identify three other topics of contriversary that could be used for a persuasive paper and Choose one to generate a Thesis statement and turn in it by the end of class.
 -Choosing the correct Pro's and Con's -Involvement/particpation -Creating and adding more Pro's and Con's to the class discussion -Developing three reasons for stated position

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