Lesson Plan : Jade Flower Palace by

Teacher Name:
 Eric Hallal
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 To broaden the students understanding of Chinese Literature by analyzing the poem Jade Flower Palace by " Tu Fu"
 Poetic Devices would be used in analyzing this poem. Coutiers, Pathos and Imperceptibly are new vocabulary words that will be learned by the student.
 1) Learn New Vocabulary to use in their writing 2) Practice Subject- Verb Agreement as a needed tool for the English 11 SOL 3)Anaylaze every aspect of Jade Flower Palace in its entirety by having these questions answered by the end of the class: A)What is the Setting of the Poem? B)What is the Mood? C)What images does the poems use to convey the mood? D)What is the Theme of the poem? E)How is the Palace symbolic? F)What one item remains as a symbol of the prince's past glory? G)What did Tu Fu try to do after he looked at the Jade Flower Palace? Why did he fail? 4) To broden the student minds by using puzzles to learn the poem
 Kagan Strategies Music Enhanced English SOL's: 10.5-The student will read and critique a variety of poetry. 10.7-The student will develop a variety of writings with an emphasis on exposition. 10.10-The student will use writing to interpret, analyze, and evaluate ideas.
 Overhead, Boom-Box, Literature textbooks, writers Inc grammar books
 Students will walk in and they will complete a warm on three words from the selection that will be analyzed today. The words are courtiers, pathos, and imperceptibility. Music will be playing for the duration and once the music is over, we will go over the words. ES will then complete a grammar drill on subject on Subject Verb Agreement and they will have 8 minutes to complete that. There are 10 sentences which the students have to circle were the verb is correctly placed. Will go over and have students put in English Binder for Studying Purposes.
 Students will be placed on an A and a B team depending on were they are sitting in the classroom. Students on the right will be the A team and students sitting on the left will be the B team. The A team will start reading a line of the poem then the B team will read a line. When they read the have to stand up. If by the line it says AB, both sides have to read it and be standing. Once this is done, i will ask students what images do they get in their heads from this poem, and what mood and how does the setting of the poem affect the image and moods that they get from this poem.
 all students will form groups of 2 to 3 people to discuss and come up with a place canvas which is a drawing of what they thought the palace would look like and they would draw it to look symbolic and then they would write why it is symbolic to " Tu Fu." In the center of their drawing , they will draw the symbol that they thought remained of the princes past glory.
Checking For Understanding:
 All assignments that are given out will be gone over as a class to get full understanding of the poem
 Students will have the last 10 minutes of the class to attempt to complete a closure activity on a phrase from Jade Flower Palace. They can either pick from A falling letters activity or a maze activity. This will not be gone over. This is a mind thinking exercise which will be used to make students think.
 Rated on a scale of 1-10, the Palace drawing and the Subject-Verb Agreement.
Teacher Reflections:
 A write to say what i could have done better in my lesson.

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