Lesson Plan : Pipe Cleaner Spelling

Teacher Name:
 Ms. D'Arduini
 Language Arts

 Becoming more effective spellers
 Using pipe cleaners and a word list provided my teacher to allow students to experiment spelling words. The NJLAL standard targeted in this lesson is writing. Specifically the "use letter/sound knowledge in attempting to write (print) some words". Key Vocabulary: Spell, measure, shape, correct.
 For students to become better spellers.
 Studentís will have a "handís on" approach to spelling and better learn to spell/write their name/words. Students will manipulate pipe cleaners to spell name (A) and spelling words (1). (Shapes and numbers if time permits.)
 Prepared name or words to model, pre-cut pipe cleaners. Key vocabulary: Shape, measure, spell, correct.
 Show students a name/word that has been prepared as an example.
 Procedure: Teacher will model how to choose the proper length and shape the pipe cleaner appropriately. Once the teacher does this give a piece of pipe cleaner to studentís to let them explore. Then the Teacher will provide name/words in written form as an outline. 3. Children explore freely with the pipe cleaners to spell out the words.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher considers areas which students had difficulty and address these at a later center.
 Upon completion of work students will discuss areas of difficulty/ease. Show each other's work.

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