Lesson Plan : Invisible Man Final Essay

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Leach
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 The topic of this lesson will be to have the students evaluate each others first drafts on their essays. they will do this based on a rubric that is given to them.
 The students will evaluate each other, and be able to see what their mistakes were and how to correct them.
 Students will be able to: Read and evaluate the rubric for this assignment. Read each others essays, and assess them against the given rubric. Grade each other based on the rubric. Offer constructive suggestions on how the evaluated essays can be improved.
 Essay Rubric
 Aim: How can peer-editing help us to evaluate our essays? Journal:What do you think is meant by the term constructive criticism? Give an example. This will allow the students to understand that what they will be doing is in fact constructive and positive. It will set the tone for the expectations as far as their behavior, and comments.
 I will allow about 3-4 students to share their responses and explain how it pertains to today's activities. Next as a class we will go over the rubric and make sure that everyone understands the expectations for their essays.
 Give specific examples of what is correct, and what is wrong. Model what kinds of mistakes would warrant which scores on the rubric.
 The teacher will be walking around monitoring the progress of the students, and providing any additional clarifications.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students will be required to grade each others work, and their final drafts will be handed in along with the peer edited draft. Each paper should have two grade on it, and should be scored by category.
 The teacher will stop students approximately 10 minutes before the period ends, and have the students write a five minute reflection of the task (was it helpful?). This will allow the teacher to identify how the students received the activity, and if it was beneficial.
 The assessment for this lesson will be the reflection responses and the first draft which was graded by the students.

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