Lesson Plan : Mixed Bag Vocabulary

Teacher Name:
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Building your vocabulary with the help of resources.
 Mixed bag contains context clues, literal and figurative language, denotation and connotation, prefixes, suffixes, and root words, and using appropriate resources.
 Vocabulary development. Learning how to use resources such as dictionaries, thesaurus, etc. Reading fluency.
 SWBAT: 1. Review skills for understanding unfamiliar vocabulary 2. Review use of context clues to figure out meanings of words. 3. Review word structures. 4. Review use of resource materials to assist with comprehension.
 MSA Coach
 Students will be given 5 completely unfamiliar vocabulary words. The words will then be provided in the use of 2 sentences. This will give them an overview of the information they have already been taught during the program. Students will be able to ask questions of the teacher and will quiz one another on their topics.
 Each student will take one topic to explain to their peers. They will be the teachers and the peers will be able to ask them questions about their topic.
 Students will then use the strategies taught to them in the program and retaught by their peers to work through the mixed bag lesson on page 29 of the MSA Coach 8th grade.
 Students will be able to ask questions of the teacher as to reading strategies, etc for this activity.

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