Lesson Plan : Parts of a Paragraph

Teacher Name:
 V. Mendez
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Paragraph structure
 Looking paragraph structure. Paragraph, indent, passage, topic sentence, detail sentence, transition words
 WS1C1-PO5- Use organizational strategies WS2C1-PO3- Place details appropriately to support the main idea WS3C6-PO1- Capital letters PO11- Use paragraph breaks to indicate organizational structure
 Analyze the paragraphs of a selection from a book. Identify the topic sentences and main ideas of a paragraph.
 Texts: Elements of Writing, Write Source Dry erase board/Overhead projector.
 Distribute two, short, typed selections, one with paragraph indentations and another without. Ask students which is the easier one to read. Point out that organization and structure are important in understanding and locating the main idea and details of a paragraph.
 Read selection from Volcano on pp, 58-59 aloud and the class follows in their books. for each paragraph, locate the main idea and supporting details. Guide students into noticing that each paragraph presents different information but are related nonethelss.
 List the main ideas and details on the board, following an outline format, students must copy this into their notebooks. Make sure students copy correctly.
 Assign special needs students to work with a partner of their choice. they are expected to complete their own asignment.
Checking For Understanding:
 Observe student participation in class discussions and activity. Writing Journal Assignment "Reader's Response"
 Ask students to define a paragraph, and main ideas and details, listing answers on the board.
 "Reader's Response" answers, observation, notes.

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