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Teacher Name:
 Miss Lividini
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Persuasive Writing
 Argumentative Writing: A piece of writing where you decide if you are for (support) or you are against (no support) for a certain topic. You explain why you like it or why not you like it. It is an explanation or statement including your opinion. Persuasive Writing: You are CONVINCING the reader that your opinion is best. Convince: assuring by proof; persuasive
 To teach them that argumentative writing weaves into movie reviews and restaurant reviews that all comes under the umbrella of persuasive Writing.
 Class Participation Paying Attention No chit chatting
 White Boards
 Argumentative writing is all about showing your opinion to others or readers. During a movie review or a restaurant review, you show your opinion too.
 All you have to is tell your readers if you like the movie/restaurant or if you don't like it. (Draw on board a fake argumentative writing piece. Then, write a fake movie review, then do the same for restaurant review.
 Now, I want you all to think of one movie and restaurant review and write if either you liked it or you didn't like. be specific and give lots of details.
 also, commentaries are apart of this whole this. except a commentary is only convincing the reader NOT TO LIKE SOMETHING.
Checking For Understanding:
 So, now does everyone understand that argumentative writing is under the same thing as movie reviews and restaurant reviews, and commentaries?
 Your homework tonight is to work on either your movie review or restaurant review. Write 20 minutes.
 I think all the children will be really interested.

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