Lesson Plan : Final K Sound

Teacher Name:
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Saxon Lessons : 37-46
 Sight Words Final "k" sound Dictionary PRactice Assessments Final Syllable Suffixes Sight Words: any, many, brother, mother, buy, ocean, father, sure, learn, trouble, again, have, door, only, enough, talk, walk, friend, give, young Vocabulary words: dusk, proof,rind,stocker,scuff,fable, ladle
 Students will be able to: use coding to sound out unknown words identify key elements in a short reading passage memorize specific words, spelling and defintions use a dictionary for practice, and identifying elements of a word apply what they learn to assessments, worksheets, etc.
 All students will complete lessons 37-46 correctly Students will participate in classroom activities
 Dictionaries, bubbles, worksheets, workbooks, board, markers
 Monday: Students will review all cards Tuesday: Testing day. No Saxon Wednesday: Students will review with teacher with worksheets Thursday: Students will review with cards Friday: Students will review with worksheet and cards
 Monday;Worksheet 37 -38 Tuesday:NA Wednesday: Worksheets 39-40 Thursday: Worksheet 41 Friday: Worksheet 42 Tuesday:NA Wednesday: Worksheets 43 Thursday: Worksheet 44 Friday: Worksheet 45 -46
Checking For Understanding:
 teacher walks around and visually monitors participation Will have completed Assessments 7 / Vocab, Test 3 Students will read words in class
 We will verbally review all answers
 Assessment 7 Vocabulary 3

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