Lesson Plan : Competition

Teacher Name:
 Trudi Patterson
 Language Arts

 Sports, Sportsmanship, competition, competitive advantage
 Students should: Be able to express their opinion about sports. Be able to discuss the best sport for their personality type. Be able to discuss the positive and negative aspects of competition. Understand the use of negative questions in English
 Students should be able to: Use appropriate voacbulary when discussing sports. Use negative questions in English correctly. Listen to a conversation about sports and answer questions about the content.
 Textbook: World English 3 Audio CD
 As homework for this class, students have been told to consider competition in a wider sense. They are to think about the various areas Japanese people and American people compete with others. The class will begin with a discussion of their findings.
 Students will then read the text on page 88 in the textbook. Working with their partners, they will complete the questions in the exercise following the text. The class will discuss negative questions in English then do an exercise on negative questions.
 Students will listen to the conversation on p 89. Practice the conversation, first as a group (choral) then with their partners. (See independent Practice 1) Students will listen to an audio discussion of kinds of sports and classify sports as team sports or individual sports.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ongoing checking for understanding, correct use of grammar and pronunciation. Imediate feedback when needed
 This is the second unit of three that the students will be tested on in a later class.

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