Lesson Plan : Greek theater background

Teacher Name:
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Greek Theater Background Group Project, Presentation
 Background research
 1. Greek theater 2. Sophocles 3. Roles of women
 1. Students will research topics related to Ancient Greek theater, Sophocles, and the roles of women in ancient Greece. 2. Students will create a powerpoint presentation synthesizing their findings. 3. Students will make an oral presentation to the class explaining their research.
 Computer, internet, textbook, PowerPoint Guiding questions ATTACHED
 1. The teacher will gather prior knowledge through a series of journal questions. {Why is theater important in literature? What makes a good leader?} 2. The teacher will explain the importance of Greek theater in the development of modern theater 3. Students will read and discuss a brief biography on the life of Oedipus.
 1. There will be a class discussion on how to answer guiding questions related to Antigone and Greek theater in a Powerpoint format. {Examples given}
 1. Students will work in pairs and research their guiding questions on the internet. 2. Teacher will facilitate. 3. Students will divide responsibility and create PowerPoint presentations
 1. Cooperative learning
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Students will present their answers to guiding questions by making oral presentations. They will demonstrate their understanding of Greek theater, Sophocles, and the roles of women in ancient Greece. 2. Groups will make clarifications when necessary regarding their research.
 1. The class will have a final discussion and overview of the information presented based on notes
 1. Students will be graded on the quality of presentation and the thoroughness of information provided. 2. Oral discussion. 3. Quiz

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