Lesson Plan : Five Paragraph Essay Organization

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Rodgers
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 The Writing Process. We will be using a variety of techniques to improve writing skills.
 My goal is to teach students how to organize their thoughts to complete a coherent five paragraph essay.
 Lesson Objective: Given an essay question, students will be able to construct a thorough, organized, essay with five paragraphs, which include but are not limited to an opening paragraph, three informational paragraphs, and a closing paragraph. Audience: Students Behavior: Construct a through, organized essay Condition: When given an essay question Degree: With five paragraphs, including an opening, closing, and informational paragraphs.
 Bull and Bear index cards Essay Cards with Paragraphs Square Style Essay Graphic Organizers Pens or Pencils Overhead projector or Document Camera
 Students are welcomed to class and introduced to topic of today's lesson. The introduction will include an application and a Focusing Event to ensure engagement. The Focusing Event is twofold: 1. First, the students will recieve an index card with "Bull" or "Bear" on the front. "Bulls" need to pair with another "Bull", "Bears" will find another "Bear." 2. Student pairs will receive essay cards with paragraphs. Students will put the essay cards in order and paper clip them. 3. Students will then switch from their partner to a partner that is on the other team. For example, a "Bull" would now meet with a "Bear." With new partners, students the presented essay question. They answer and discuss the questions on the back of the card. Time goal: 5 -7 minutes
 1. Students return to their seats and are presented with a graphic organizer. We review the essay question. 2.I present the graphic organizer and show the example my filled out graphic organizer. Time goal: 5 - 7 minutes
 1. Students organize the essay cards in the shape of the graphic organizer presented. 2. Teacher checks for understanding and gives students feedback. Student discussion is welcome. Time goal: 5 minutes
 1. Students can add transition words the tops of boxes in their graphic organizer. 2. Students can add "vivid details" to each of their events. 3. Students can create their own graphic organizer.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. I ask for if there are any questions. 2. Students show work to their neighbors and to teacher. 3. Excellent and completed graphic organizers receive stickers and/or verbal praise. Time goal: 15+ minutes (can be done during Independent Practice)
 1. Students are instructed to write on a reflection on their index card. 2. They will be asked, "What did you learn?" 3. "Will you use this graphic organizer, or another one?" 4. The reflection index card is the students' ticket out of class. Time goal: last 5-7 minutes of class
 1. Students will use graphic organizer to complete a five paragraph essay during the next class period. 2. Students will then submit essay with graphic organizer for evaluation.
Teacher Reflections:
 After the lesson, I will reflect on student progress and review their index cards.

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