Lesson Plan : Rhyming Words Journal

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 Language Arts

 Using rhyming words from previous story heard in two sentences in a daily journal
 The learner will use naming words and rhyming words to create a daily journal.
 1. Students will use logically and sequential structure throughout their writing. 2. Students will also learn to develop creative writing skills by being asked to embellish stories within their journal.
 The Story of Have Chicken, journals, pictures of animals from story created in a chart
 Review rhyming words
 Read the story "The Story of Have Chicken" and discuss the characters (cow, sheep, pig, duck).
 After discussing the story, create a chart with pictures of the animals discussed. (The chart with the pictures should already be created by the teacher) Using the chart, brainstorm real words that rhyme with the animals. For example: pig, wig, dig. After creating about 3-4 words for each animal, write a sentence together as a class using one of the animals and one of the rhmying words. Talk about how you can add more to your sentences, using detail. (color words or 5 senses)
 High/Middle Group: Create at least two sentences about animal using two rhyming words. Low Group: Create a sentenc with one of the animals and one of the rhyming words.
Checking For Understanding:
 Pick a few students a day to share their work in their journals during whole group. This will encourage other students along with the student who wrote it.
 This will be a week long journal entry for students. It can be wrapped up at the end of the week after every student has shared one entry after presenting daily in whole group.
 To evaluate how your students are doing, look over their journal entries during centers while they are writing, or this can be done during whole group while they present. The teacher should help the child make corrections and remind them of things "good writers" do when writing.

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