Lesson Plan : Persuasive Essay Introduction

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Goodman
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Writing Persuasive Compositions.
 Students will identify key elements in effective persuasive texts. Key Vocabulary: Hook, Topic, Position, Statement
 Students will write an introductory paragraph for a persuasive essay. Students will identify the meanings of: Hook, Topic, Position, Statement
 Students will identify their persuasive essay topics and share them with the class. Students will identify effective elements in persuasive essay introductions. Students will create an opening paragraph for an original persuasive essay.
 Projector, Transparencies, Info includes: 1) Key Elements in an Introduction 2) Hooks (Grabs Attention and Provides Background) and Statement (Topic + Position) 3) Examples of Effective Introductions.
 "Shout Out" 1) Ask students to get out their outline packet. 2) Call on one student to say their topic and position aloud for the class, ask that student to call out another student to share, continue until all students have shared their topic. 3) Let students know that they will be focusing on writing an effective introduction today
 Project on Overhead: Elements of Effective Introductions 1)Project on Overhead Transparency: Go over key elements: a) "Hook" : Grab's your readers attention and provides background information on your topic b) Clear Statement of your Main idea/position. 2) Go over what some hooks can look like 3) Go over what a statement is : Your topic plus your position
 Example 1: Project on Overhead (Model: show the students what is the hook, what is the background info and what is the statement)
Checking For Understanding:
 1) Ask the students to write their own introductory paragraph for a persuasive essay. 2) Remind students to keep in mind the key elements that were learned.
 1) CFU: Ask students what is (position, fact, opinion) and have them shout out the answer. 2) Ask the students to shout out one important fact that supports their position. 3) Collect the students intro paragraphs.
 Check the intro paragraphs for effective elements taught in the lesson.

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