Lesson Plan : Multicultural book review blog

Teacher Name:
 P. Mourer/K. Dankosky
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Multicultural literature and educational blogging
 Various world cultures as portrayed in young adult novels and the use of blogs to share information and insights. Vocabulary: Multicultural literature, cultural diversity, weblog (blog), comment, post, web 2.0, blog etiquette
 To gain a better understanding of another culture through the reading of a young adult novel. And to gain understanding of the working and value of weblogs for sharing information and ideas.
 1. Students will select and read a novel from the Multicultural list. 2. Students will respond to the review writing prompts and write a short (150-200 word) response. 3. Students will rate book using the five star rating tool. 4. Students will post review to Multicultural book review blog. 5. Students will comment on one classmate's post.
 1. Library time scheduled for introduction and book selection. 2. Library computer lab scheduled for writing,posting and commenting. 3. Review prompt and rating tool handouts.
 Day 1: Librarian will demonstrate how to look up multicultural lists for book selection, pass out handouts with review prompts and timelines and give an overview of the lesson with projected blog as a visual aide. [entire period]
 Day 2: [3 weeks later] Librarian will share handouts with directions to access the Book review blog and will demonstrate how to post and respond. Students will then work on their blog post and/or comment.[Entire period] Day 3: [2 weeks later] Librarian and content area teacher will return rubrics to students and pass our end survey [15 minutes]
 The making of their review post will done in the library on Day 2 of the lesson and will be guided and monitored by the Librarian and content area teacher.
 *Printout of classmates post for those having limited or no access to the internet outside of school. *Audio books to accompany chosen book for ESL, severely challenged readers and visually impaired. *Large print and low level/high interest book options for reluctant and struggling readers.
Checking For Understanding:
 Separate rubrics will be used to assess the content and length of the post and the comment to a classmates post.
 The feedback from the survey will shared with the students after the data is analyzed. The blog will remain active and students will be able to refer to it for reading suggestions.
 After all assignments are complete students will respond to a short survey.

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