Lesson Plan : "Lost Generation"

Teacher Name:
 April Hodgins
 Grade 7-8

 The Power of "Lost Generation"
 Language: Media Literacy, Writing, Oral and Visual Communication, Reading
 To build on their language skills by meeting these expetations: understand that language learning is a necessary, life-enhancing, reflective process; communicate - that is, read, listen, view, speak, write, and represent - effectively and with confidence; make meaningful connections between themselves, what they encounter in texts, and the world around them; think critically; understand that all texts advance a particular point of view that must be recognized, questioned, assessed, and evaluated; appreciate the cultural impact and aesthetic power of texts; use language to interact and connect with individuals and communities, for personal growth, and for active participation as world citizens
 The students will be engaged and on task as demonstrated by active listening and watching the video, participation in the discussion both before and afterwards. Participation in writing comments on the SmartBoard and then continuing either in small groups, using chart paper or responding using TEL.
 SmartBoard and Notebook software,YouTube video, Computers and TEL accounts, pens and chartpaper
 Brief discussion to review what their understanding is of "power".
 Complete the chart, on the SmartBoard, "What is power".
 View the YouTube video "Lost Generation". Continue with writing on the SmartBoard, "How does the speaker acquire power?"
 Small group work
Checking For Understanding:
 Student conferences.
 Respond to the Blog comment, what have I learned and how will I use it elsewhere?
 Evaluate student responses from the SmartBoard, chart paper, TEL emails and the Blog.

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