Lesson Plan : Trapped by Fear

Teacher Name:
 Heather Volrie
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Main Idea and Supporting Details. Context Clues. Comprehension. Different Phobias.
 Main Idea and Supporting Details Phobia, Main Idea, Details, Trapped by Fear, p73-76
 The student will be able to answer Think it Through. The student will be able to define and address Main Idea and Supporting details.
 (10) Reading/Comprehension of Informational Text/Expository Text.
 Textbook, Main Idea Handout, Overhead
 Complete the reading of Trapped by Fear, Answer Think it Through. Get them talking about their own phobias by relating to my own fears.
 Class discussion on the reading. Show how we are different and alike, if some have similar fears to classmates or to story. mini lesson on main idea and supporting details.
 Go over Before During and After reading. Have them read the worksheet and fill out. Do the Main Idea together. Comprehension Skillbuilder main idea and supporting detail worksheet. help them fill in main idea and one supporting detail.
 Printed notes, use of books, read directions,
Checking For Understanding:
 Main Idea Worksheet and complete unfinished parts of chart for homework.
 Remind them of Homework to Complete Trapped by Fear, all sections end on page 78. On your own paper, answer Think It Through. Define Main Idea Call on random students to define and give examples of main idea and supporting ideas.

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