Lesson Plan : Meeting Up With New Vocabulary

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Salera
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Introducing the fifteen vocabulary words and teaching dictionary skills.
 Vocabulary list: learn, lemonade, summer, talked, write, boat, deer, ducklings, pocketbook, stood, tears, toy, alone, because, does Using a dictionary: class set of "Merriam Webster's Elementary Dictionary" and an extra "Webster's New Explorer Large Print Dictionary" (Beaker)
 1. Familiarize students with the fifteen vocabulary words from unit one. 2. Allow students to practice using a dictionary to look up the spelling and definition of words. 3. Teaching students to associate the phonetic structure of words with their spelling when they are given orally. 4. Practice reading aloud. 5. Practice writing words.
 Standard 1: Phonetics/Decoding Standard 2: Vocabulary Standard 6: Research and information
 Class set of "Merriam Webster's Elementary Dictionary" "Webster's New Explorer Large Print Dictionary" (Beaker) Pencils and paper - students
 Pass out dictionaries to students. Ask the students to show hands if they have used a dictionary before. Ask what a dictionary is used for. Try to direct students both "spelling" and "definitions" as an answer.
 Demonstrate how a word is found in the dictionary. Explain how it is arranged alphabetically: find the first letter first, and then the second letter. Each letter is arranged alphabetically. Demonstrate looking up words at least five times. First with a random word, then ask the students for a word they would like to look up.
 Pass out dictionaries to students. Have them look up these ten words: pineapple, sunshine, argument, trilogy, speak, manage, eaten, smile, explain, and from. Tell them to look up and make eye contact once they have found the word. Have the class aurally spell the word out loud together. Ask one student to read the word aloud for the class. Continue until all ten words have been defined aurally.
 For Beaker: -Speak to him before class about reading a definition aloud. Make sure he is fairly comfortable with reading it and practice if he wishes to (don't stress reading aloud if he doesn't feel comfortable, just have him read it aloud in private.) -Give Beaker the list of vocabulary words before class (both for the aural exercise and the written exercise). -Make sure he uses the large print dictionary. Double check that Beaker has his clear blue overlay and note card to help him follow along. -Let Beaker know that he will be able to listen to music softly as soon as the class does their individual activity. -Double check to make sure the carpet square is under his desk (it gets kicked out of the way on occasion)
Checking For Understanding:
 Have the students turn in the work they have done. Let them know that they will be given extra time tomorrow to finish if they have not already.
 Discuss the importance of the dictionary with the students. Reinforce the idea that the dictionary is an important tool in finding the spelling and meaning of words they don't know. Let them know that they will be working with the list of fifteen vocabulary words for this unit.

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