Lesson Plan : Vocabulary Bingo

Teacher Name:
 Helena D./Jessica C.
 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 Vocabulary Building Lesson
 Pre-assessment: Students used dictionary skills with 100% accuracy. Moving on to thesaurus and simple vocabulary terminology.
 Students will learn new vocabulary words by using synonyms and context clues through the use of bingo game.
 California State Standard: Reading 1.0 - Word analysis, fluency and vocabulary development
 Vocab index cards Bingo cards thesaurus
 Students will be able to learn new vocabulary words by using a fun activity called Vocab Bingo.
 Teacher defines term synonym - the word having almost the same meaning as another. (big and large) Teacher explains that many synonyms can be found in a thesaurus. Shows example for word "promote" - uses thesaurus finds word "advance." Teacher defines context clues - the words just before and after a certain word that help make clear what is meant. Sometimes we can use context clues to tell the meaning of a word by reading the words around it in a sentence. Teacher gives example. (Don't be a _______, Look on the bright side.) Pessimist. Each teacher provides example of each. Provide brief explanation of Bingo game.
 Teacher monitors student progress during bingo activity.
 Lower performing students can use a modified word list or a picture thesaurus or dictionary. Teacher will also allow students to pair up for bingo activity.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher asks student to define synonym and context clues and provide their own examples.
 Review. Provide topic for next lesson.

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