Lesson Plan : Two Bad Ants

Teacher Name:
 Franchesca Colmenero
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 This is a lesson that correlates with the story "Two Bad Ants" by Chris Van Allsburg.
 Two Bad Ants
 Students will have a better understanding of the story. Students will be able to summarize the story in their own words.
 Srudents will make a mini-story book that summarizes the story.
 markers paper Scott Foresman Third Grade Reading Street Reader (source of the story)
 Ask students what they know about ants and other insects. Briefly describe the life of an ant. Be specific by mentioning the job of each type of ant (queen, worker, soldier/scout ants).
 Begin the lesson by reading through the story together. After this task is completed, go through the story once more and have the students give a brief summary (one full sentence) of each page. As a group narrow down the summaries to 6 events that are important to the story. Begin to make the mini-story books having students follow your directions and example as you make a booklet yourself.
 *Make sure students are following your actions.* Fold a piece of paper long ways and the into 3 equal parts. If they choose to, students can trace each crease with a marker to make it easier to cut out later. Number each box that you created from 1-6. Have students draw the events that were chosen as a class in the respective boxes (Box 1 for Event 1, etc.). While students are working on their illustrations cut out more boxes to make covers for their booklets with their name on it. It may be easier to do this before the lesson if you are working with a big group. Staple all the pages together when students are finished.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have each student stand up and show their finished booklet to the class and tell the story using their pictures. If working with a large group pick a few students to do this or have them volunteer.

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