Lesson Plan : Science Fiction Unit: Bradbury

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Heather Lightfoot
 Grade 9-10
 Literature Activities

 A subunit of the Short Story Unit that uses Science fiction to teach several short story elements.
 "The Pedestrian" & "There will come soft rains" are short science fiction stories written by Ray Bradbury. They each focus on the theme of "through characterization and imagery, he shows that mankind advances to the point where society loses its humanity, then mankind may as well cease to exist." Key vocabulary for "The Pedestrian": revue, halt, ebb, murmur, antiseptic, regressive tendencies(wksht.)+ intermittent Key vocabulary for "There will come soft rains": silhouette, paranoia, quiver, regiment, incinerator, capillaries, oblivious, sublime, psychopathic
 Identify, analyze and apply knowledge of the structures and elements of literature. Employ strategies to comprehend text. To help students imagine the effects of a highly developed technological society and how it will shape the future.
 To understand the meanings of simile, personification, setting, symbolism, irony, protagonist, imagery, and theme. To understand and explain the theme or underlying idea that the short story suggests. To further students understanding of theme, setting, plot, conflict, climax and resolution. To use a variety of assessment to monitor student understanding of materials presented.
 Computer lab (computers with internet access if available) Copies of "The Pedestrian" Copies of "There will come soft rains" Handouts
 Students will be given a prompt to write a paragraph about in the beginning of the block each day. Each prompt encourages students to write about what they think the world will be like in the future and encourages students to address how technology will have on the future.
 Students will be given study guides to help them understand and apply vocabulary, literary terms, and questions to the texts that they will be reading.
 Students will participate in group discussion of short stories, and work with partners on Venn diagrams Teacher will create an attached organized list of activities. For independent practice: Students will create character cards. Students will create a visual/aid using iMovie, power point, or a home video summarizing the key elements in their own words using one or more of the short stories discussed during this unit.
 Teacher may ask for students to volunteer to read. If there are no volunteers, then the teacher will read the story with the class. Students will be taught vocabulary using a variety of techniques.
Checking For Understanding:
 There will be several varieties of assessment to meet the needs of the variety of learners in the classroom.
 Encourage students to continually apply the literature they read to their own lives.
 Students will be graded through a variety of assessments

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