Lesson Plan : Descriptive Writing

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Grove
 Grade 4
 Language Arts

 Writing a description of a favorite place.
 Senses: sight,sound,touch,smell,taste Using Sensory Language Adjectives Ordering Information (spatial order words & order of importance wors)
 Students will learn that a good descripton is a picture in words that helps the reader see, hear, taste, smell, or feel something that the writer has experienced. Students will write a descriptive paragraph of their favorite place using sensory language.
 Using a lemon as an example, students will identify the 5 senses. Together students will brainstorm sensory words to describe the school cafeteria. Students will individually brainstorm words for each of the five senses to describe their favorite place. Students will use these words to write a paragraph to describe their favorite place.
 Over-head with transparency RWW 2-2 Copy of transparency RWW 2-2 for each student 1 lemon white boards and markers for each student
 I will cut a lemon and ask students to describe the lemon. What does it look like? Does it make noise? What does it feel like? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? Teacher writes sensory words in the chart on the overhead.
 If we didn't have a lemon and had to write a description, sensory words would be very important. A descrption is a picture in words. In fact I have something in this bag....let's see if I use sensory words to describe it...if you can guess what it is?
 I will ask students to choose an item around the room and write atleast 3 sensory words to describe the item. Students will then switch boards and their partner will try to guess what the identity of the item.Teacher will walk around the classroom monitoring the activity and checking for understanding.
 Higher level students will be asked to complete the chart with other synonyms for the sensory words. They will also be asked to brainstorm sensory words relating to the description of a person. Lower students and EL students will refer to the English at Your Command Handbook. Teacher will direct students to pages 14-21 and students will look at pictures of describing words. Teacher will ask students which pictures illustrate the five senses.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will use their sensory chart to write a paragraph to describe their favorite place. Later, students will read their stories to a partner. Partners will be told to create a mental image of the place their partner is describing. Students will use high lighters to highlight all of the sensory words that they find in their partners paragraph.
 Students will volunteer to share stories in front of the class. After reading each paragraph, the student authors will call on atleast two classmates to make a comment about their work.
 A week later, students will be sked to incorporate sensory language into a story relating to the selstion in out text, Tanya's Reunion.

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