Lesson Plan : Present Perfect Simple

Teacher Name:
 Whitney Ludlow
 Grade 11-12
 World Languages

 Present Perfect Simple (only)
 Four uses of Present Perfect Simple.
 Student should have a good grasp of Present Perfect Simple, and the four uses.
 Student is intermediate level of english, she/he should have a basic understanding of Present Perfect Simple already. If not, various questions will be asked to student to measure level of actual knowledge. Results based on students answers will be the outline for class.
 Present Perfect Simple and it's uses: 1.) Used for actions which happened at an unstated time in the past. Exact time is not mentioned because it is not important. EXAMPLE: Silvia has bought a new dog. (But when did Silvia buy it? Who cares, time is not important here, only that the dog has been bought) 2.)For actions which started in the past and are still continuing in the present. EXAMPLE: Lula has been president since 2003. (Lula began in 2003, and still is president) 3.) For actions which have recently finished and their results are visible in the present. EXAMPLE: Whitney has finished teaching. (We can see Whitney is finished because she is packing her things to leave for the day) 4.) With today, this morning/afternoon, etc. When these period of time are not finished at the time of speaking. EXAMPLE: She has made five cups of tea this morning. (still morning, so period of time is not finished)
 Give more examples from intro.
 Ask student to give me sentences in Present Perfect Simple based on what has been taught so far. Teacher give past simnple and present simple examples, see if student can tell the difference.
 Additional handouts, for students study use.
Checking For Understanding:
 Question and Answer time.
 Review of Introduction, asking student for further questions.

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