Lesson Plan : Eight Parts of Speech Picture Book

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. V. Miller
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

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 The student will learn to use the proper part of speech choices in writing.
 The student will be use English to achieve academically in content.
 Sunshine State Standards LA.A.24.4; The student will locates, gathers, analyzes and evaluates written information for a variety of puposes including research projects, real-world tasks and self-improvement.
 Overhead projector, magazines, markers, pens, construction papers, scissors, composition Booklet, Butcher paper.
 The teacher will begin the lessons with a review of all the part of speech. She will begin with the Noun on day (1) and follow through with Pronoun, Verbs,Adjectives, Adverb, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjection. She will use the KWL Chart and SQ2R on the butcher paper.
 The teacher will choosea picture out of the magazine with a heading. The heading will consist of parts of speech.The teacher will begin to have the student synthesize on what they know. The teacher will model several pictures. The teacher will stop periodically to discuss key concepts.
 Each student will choose three pictures to illustrate the part of speech. The illustration must be neat and colorful. At the bottom of the page, the student will write a simple sentence stating in his/her own words.
 Each student will be able to identify the Eight parts of speech. The student will be able to refer back to their picture book written in English versus Spanish for future references.
Checking For Understanding:
 Expansion: As a homework assignment, students will be able to develop fluency, team work, and accuracy. The student will be able to identify the eight parts of speech in their function using cultural terms suggested by their family.
 Have each student demonstrate his/her comprehension by performing the tasks?Each student/group member will write on the KWL Chart one new thing they have learned as they complete the homework assignment.
 Worksheets will be given out to determine if the student has mastery each part of speech.

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