Lesson Plan : Orwell's Britain

Teacher Name:
 Bea Bailey
 Grade 11-12
 Literature Activities

 Big Brother Then and Now: Revisiting Story Behind 1984
 Ecology of Britain During World War II Orwell's Situation in WWII Context
 Students will be better grounded in the ecology that produced 1984
 Students will be able to list inquiry questions about 7 ecological dimensions of WWII England provide information about the ecology that could have influenced Orwell discover reasons that may have led Orwell to produce such a text
 copies of 1984; WWW access; Schama's DVD on History of Britain (2002) published by BBC and History Channel; McDougall Littell supplements in Literature Connection anthology; Mastery Assignment Sheet for possible enterprises;
 Respond to Image of Lady Liberty w/ Cameras All Around; SS trickle in and begin their response to this rendering. Students will be asked to think of recent events that might have propelled an artist to compose such a figure. These 7 minute free writes are then shared in class forum; about 3 students will share; list input on transparency
 During WWII pressures existed to get people to think a certain way Overview of Basics of WWII Overview of George Orwell's Life Watch Schama's Video
 Pull out Ecological Inquiry into Literary Periods Template; have Students Generate More Questions About WwII; ss then work in pairs to search net at designated places on handout; get answers for class--AFTER I have shared an example (scaffolding)
 Timeline for Those Who Need it In addition to Schama's Overview
Checking For Understanding:
 Brief Discussion; Watch opening of 1984; How does your envisionment compare/contrast with this one?
 Students can complete compare/contrast guide as they watch the opening of the original 1984
 Class discussion; questioning list; completion of compare/contrast guide; response to journal prompt

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