Lesson Plan : Quotation/Commentary Practice

Teacher Name:
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 Focus will be placed on exemplifying and practicing the inclusion of several types of quotations to example format. As well, emphasis will be placed on follow up commentary.
 Students will use their responses from "Eyes" and some other content, perhaps "Night Face Up" to
 To expose students to a variety of formats for including quotations. To have students see and practice these various formats. To have students recognize the value of follow-up commentary and practice applying this knowledge. To utilize this new learned material in the examination of a new context "Night Face Up".
 Power point? Or board work. Handouts.
 Students will be provided with an example of three (3) methods of providing quotational support to illustrate short quote format, long quote format, and embedded quotations.
 Students will work with the teacher to walk through the examples that they have in handout form, and see how they work on the board, noting in the margin, the differences between the various methods.
 Students will prepare a response within a small group to demonstrate an understanding of the three ways to use quotations. Furthermore, students will exemplify the use of follow up commentary and work toward deciding when such commentary is required.
 Additional personal assistance can be provided for those who are struggling.
Checking For Understanding:
 Examine the students independent practic and perhaps complete a short oral exercise.
 Students will be reminded of the work done on quotation formats and commentary. Students will be reminded of the material resources available on the net. Students will be encouraged to practice a variety of options with their new context: "Night Face Up".
 There will be no evaluation of work completed at this point. Progress will be assessed and students who struggle to understand the concept will be assisted and noted.

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